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This project is the result of many, many, many hours of development and we are proud to be able to offer this service to you. Have we mentioned that it is free?

Web-based, free, user friendly and no development needed.

Yes it is free. We do not aim to make any money off of this project. It is for pioniers by pioniers and aims to help you in the early stages of you 3D printing adventure. It is not a full-blown slicer software, it is a leg up.

A collaboration between Vertico,, and Saxion

When you scale up 3D printing you also need to scale up your slicer. Existing slicer software does not deal well with the large geometries that a robot or gantry can handle.

The three parties involved in making slicerXL are all too aware of this. When scaling up their 3D printing they quickly ran into all the problems associated with generating coordinates. Many hours of software development later they have a slicer that is custom-built for large scale 3D printing applications.

Now we want to spare you the hassle of having to develop all this yourself. We want to give you a head start and let you concentrate on printing large objects so we made a free online slicer. 



Vertico pioneers large scale plastic extrusion and concrete printing. With deep industry knowledge, we explore the limits of this groundbreaking technology and offer services to realize new design ideas and concepts never before seen.​


Our mission is to be a pioneer in the field of 3D printing, discovering its potential by realizing concepts and designs that were impossible before.


Creating a new paradigm in design, art, and architecture by removing the barriers of conventional manufacturing.​

Vertico - 2F2F2F - Original.png

Packhunt pioneers cloud-native parametric design, automated supply chains and digital services. With our web-based platform we provide intuitive tools that empower the integration and simplification of the supply chain to new revolutionary levels. 


Our mission is to make technology available to everyone, by commoditising advanced technology through web-based accessibility, No Code, Low Code approaches and parametric design.


We are creating a new design, supply and manufacturing ecosystem that allows for business and industries to transform into the digital world. - 2F2F2F - Original.png
Saxion University

Saxion University of Applied Sciences

We offer companies knowledge and practice-oriented research for the development of innovative products and services. With us, technological possibilities are integrated to answer people's needs by applying new ways of thinking within our 3 research lines: User-Centered Design, Materials, and Technologies in Design, Sustainability in Design.

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Regieorgaan SIA
Regieorgaan SIA - 2F2F2F - Original.png

Regieorgaan SIA

Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA (SIA Governance Body) is part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). NWO is one of the most important science funders in the Netherlands and ensures quality and innovation in science.

Universities of applied sciences conduct practice-oriented research. An important aspect of this is that the 'benefits' of the research - knowledge, skills, networks, products and services - must be of value to professional practice. Regieorgaan SIA, has the task of stimulating the development of applied research at universities of applied sciences and to this end, among other things, implements the Take-off Scheme for Phase 1 of higher professional education. The development of the online slicer has been (co)financed through this initiative.

Thank you!

We hope you appreciate our efforts as we appreciate your visit. And, we hope to see you again soon.

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