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Our slicer is very powerful
and fully cloud based!

Free of charge

We decided to make life a little easier for the new pioneers. 

Creative commons

We hope you will share our work with your friends.



Our engine is a powerful little machine but she knows what she likes and she likes what she knows.

Be sure to upload geometries that are solid. Also use file types .STL and Binary (not ASCII). 

This slicer is designed for simple geometries.


Choose your printer

Do you have a hungry robot waiting to be fed code? Or do you have a gantry standing idly by?

Pick your setup before you slice. If you don't - you are going to have a bad time.


Our slice has been tested on machines running GCode or ABB robots using RAPID. If you don't use these, you can also download just the coordinates.


Orient geometry

Let the games begin. 

So your model is clean, your printer has been selected and your model uploaded. Time to rotate and scale your model so you can generate the right toolpath. 

How it works

This free online tool enables the slicing of large scale, simple models to get them ready to be 3D printed. Follow the steps below and get your 3D print file. 

This tool is meant for pioniers to get you up and running. It is not a full-feature slicer software, but a tool to help you generate your first slices.

How to start



That's it!


No really. That is it. Click on slice and your geometry will be sliced and diced leaving only a string of coordinated for your printer to follow like breadcrumbs.


Position seam

But wait, there's more.

We added a little bonus for you as if all this wasn't enough.
For the perfectionists, we have added a feature allowing you to define where your layer intervals stop and start. 


Terms and Conditions

This. is. important.

We cannot be held responsible for what you do with the code.
It is up to you to be awesome - safely

Also, to keep this free, we work with a creative commons 4.0 license, meaning we ask you for attribution. So please mention when posting or publishing your results.  


Generate Code

Almost there. 

Once you click on get code, your file will be compiled and made ready for download.




What are you waiting for? Go! Go on! Go!

Be(a)ware: you have to have some knowledge of robotics or gantry operation. Our little (brain)child cannot make all your 3D printing problems magically disappear.

Did something go wrong? 
See what you can do. 

By now you know that 3D printing is simple but not always easy. If you need help, please visit our support - FAQ - page. 

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